Baja California Sur

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Visitors to this region experience a special closeness to nature and the great outdoors. There is breathtaking natural beauty at every turn and Natural Protected Areas making this land remarkably unique and exciting. Lunar desert landscapes, unending cactus fields, jagged mountains, crystal clear water, and sultry, secluded beaches make this region one of the purest natural environments in the Western Hemisphere. The area’s climate is very dry and warm, with sunny days and low humidity year-round.

Baja Sur couples two of North America’s most unique and ecologically endowed regions: the rich Sea of Cortés and the rugged, pristine Baja Peninsula. The Sea of Cortés is one of the world’s unique ocean environments. It is one of the most biologically rich bodies of water on earth, supporting over 800 marine vertebrate species. Formed millions of years ago, the Baja Peninsula slid westward along the San Andreas fault, and the Sea now stretches 1,125 km north to south, with an average width of 150 km. The shallower northern waters (fed by the Colorado River) give way to deeper nutrient-rich zones near the resorts of Loreto and La Paz. Several islands dot the Sea’s coastline.

Contrasting with the Sea of Cortés’ mostly deserted beaches, coves and bays is the peninsula’s Pacific Ocean coastline. Several Pacific bays and lagoons are breeding grounds for gray whales, making a 12,000-mile annual migration from the Arctic Circle. Humpback whales, blue whales and whale sharks can be found in these destinations along the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes.

On land, the Baja peninsula landscapes are as dramatic as they are remarkably beautiful, with ecological features not unlike the Galapagos Islands. The landscape includes vast deserts, serrated mountain ranges, flat coastal plains, and spring-fed oases. Hundreds of endemic plant species (cactus, trees, herbs, and succulents) flourish in the region. Land mammal species number in hundreds, with 28 varieties endemic to the Peninsula. Over 300 species of birds, and dozens of reptiles and amphibians (many with unique evolutionary mutations) thrive in the mountains and deserts.

This unique blend of ocean and land creates North America’s most endowed region for ecological exploration and outdoor recreation. In fact, Baja Sur can be considered one of the world’s prime ecotourism venues, proffering both first-rate facilities and expert guided tours.