10 Photos That'll Make You Want to Escape Winter and Head to Costa Rica

PHOTO: Costa Rica. (Photo via Hans Brunk)
by Hans Brunk
Last updated: 6:00 AM ET, Sat January 18, 2020

Visit Costa Rica

Center yourself on a surfboard or yoga mat, indulge in fresh tropical fruit or a local drink and hike along sandy beaches or to hidden waterfalls, Costa Rica will provide all the active adventure or peaceful bliss you desire this season. A country famous for the mantra "Pura Vida" (pure life), you'll quickly realize that the phrase is more of a lifestyle than saying. Whether traveling for adventure or a wellness retreat, visit Costa Rica this winter to warm your bones and your soul.


Costa Rica is a world-renowned surf destination for good reason. From world-class breaks to beginner-friendly beaches, there's plenty of options to choose from. There's consistent year-round surf and endless surf schools to join. You can spend the night in a luxury surf villa or all-inclusive surf camp.

Yoga Retreats

Whether you are an avid yogi, new to yoga or an aspiring teacher, you'll find plenty of peaceful retreats to suit your practice in Costa Rica. There are many different retreats to choose from, ranging from a few days to a few weeks, so you can spend a vacation training your body and centering your mind. Many camps offer a cooperative between the local surf school and yoga teaching for an active combination sure to refresh.


From colorful toucans to playful monkeys, there's plenty of wildlife in Costa Rica. Bring a camera because a keen eye can find even the sneakiest of sloths in the jungle canopy, or catch the crocodile swimming nearby. The central American country is a conservationist's dream. Just don't feed the animals because the monkeys might follow you home.

White Sandy Beaches

There is nothing quite like walking along a beautiful beach with white sand beneath your toes. Whether you're watching the waves or walking the coast, you won't be disappointed with the beachfront in Costa Rica. With both east and west coastlines, there are plenty of beaches to choose from. You can find both white and black sand beaches in the Central American country.

Oceanfront Views

Bordering both the Caribbean sea and the Pacific Ocean, the Costa Rican lifestyle is based around the water. Whether surfing the shores, fishing the sea or simply relaxing at a hidden beach, the locals enjoy everything along the plentiful shorelines. There is an abundance of wildlife in the waters and a visitor can return again and again only to see something new.

Lush Vegetation

Be prepared to see some of the biggest leaves you've ever seen in Costa Rica. The forests in the Central American country look like they are from Jurassic Park! Make sure to keep your eyes on the canopy because you'll be sure to see a sleeping sloth or swinging monkey. There are many well-traveled and maintained areas to see the abundant vegetation.

Luxurious Accomodations

Costa Rica's long list of accommodation options is as varied as the country's natural beauty. Ranging from five-star hotels to rustic campsites, there are plenty of options to choose from. With an environmentally-friendly mindset, the developing infrastructure is balanced by green energy such as wind and hydro.

Tropical Hiking

Wander beneath a jungle canopy and explore the abundant trails. Rainforest hiking and jungle trails are plentiful in beautiful Costa Rica. There are 28 national parks to choose from, all allowing visitors to explore certified forests, volcanic vistas and developed trails. Check signage before hiking because much of the area is protected from hikers.

Fresh Local Food

Costa Rica's tropical climate brings life to many different fresh and seasonal produce. Fresh pineapple, papaya, coconut, bananas and mango can all be enjoyed as key staples of a Costa Rican diet. Be sure to visit the local fruit stands during your stay and to also try some of the more unusual fruits such as mangosteen, star fruit and guanabana.

A Happy Escape

Costa Rica has been recognized as one of the happiest and most peaceful countries in the world. Upon arrival, you'll surely hear people saying "Pura Vida" (pure life), and you'll quickly adopt the mantra for yourself. You can use the phrase in almost any situation from the beach to the grocery store, with the only requirement being a smile.

From local cuisine to lush vegetation to an abundance of wildlife, a visit to Costa Rica is sure to warm your soul.

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