Costa Cruises


Cruise in authentic Italian decorum with Costa Cruises, a leading European cruise line that proudly promotes its profound heritage amid the seas. From the Baltic Sea to the Indian Ocean and Caribbean blue, their sleek ships majestically glide through the world’s greatest waterways, while gracing their passengers with a vibrant onboard and on land experience. Since its first voyage, they operate a total of 15 ships, which are: Costa Fascinosa, Costa Diadema, Costa Favolosa, Costa Deliziosa, Costa Pacifica, Costa Luminosa, Costa Serena, Costa Magica, Costa Fortuna, Costa Mediterranea, Costa Atlantica, Costa neoRiviera, Costa Victoria, Costa Classica and Costa neoRomantica- that all proudly raise the Italian flag as it dances in the wind with each excursion. And with each liner boasting a modern style that glides through the grand ocean ever-so-effortlessly, Costa Cruise Line has made a profound force to be reckoned with in the travel industry.

As their ships take sail, passengers will be sure to find something new around every corner- whether it is the spa, stores bursting with fashions, even a bit of Lady Luck at the casino. They can also feast their senses on authentic Mediterranean cuisine and wash it down with a smooth glass of wine or tasty cocktail. Costa Cruises admirably caters to each guest by offering tailor-made, wellness cruises as well as eco-excursions. However, their unique experiences do not stop there. With an extensive portfolio of destinations including locations in the Caribbean, Far East, Dubai, South America and the Eastern Mediterranean, Costa Cruises brings the most exotic places to its customers’ feet, allowing them to explore the world around them without the excessive need to unpack.

Costa Cruises also rewards customer loyalty with their exclusive CostaClub, which generously thanks its preferred guests from the moment they hop onboard with exclusive benefits that are provided with each journey on any of their ships. Even every cabin is well-stocked with amenities including comfortable beds, flat screen TVs, toiletries, round-the-clock room service and Wi-Fi connection to make their guests’ stay feel like home. Since 1854, the cruise operator has been a driving force in the industry, taking the world by storm with a classic, yet stylish fleet of exciting and revolutionary vessels.

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