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Mexico City is the capital of Mexico in North America. (photo via Nikolas Antoniou / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Mexico City

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This city’s zocalo, or central plaza, contains the remains of an Aztec pyramid, a colonial church, and a sleek modern office building. Mexico City, Mexico is filled with a vibrant melding of fascinating history, proud culture and urban energy. This is the oldest metropolis on the American continent, founded more than 675 years ago as the capital of the Aztec Empire.

Today Mexico City, located in a highland valley at more than 7,300 feet above sea level, has some 22 million residents making it one of the planet’s most populated cities. Though thoroughly modern with great shopping, fine dining and posh hotels, the past is still stunningly alive here. The Historic Center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, contains the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Palace of Fine Arts and the National Palace.

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Mexico City

Mexico City

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Continent North America

Official Language Spanish

Population 8,836,045

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