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Pair of cows in a green grass field with a large field of corn and mountains in the background in Stowe, Vermont, USA


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Lokking down over the south end of Woodstock Vermont during the peak of fall foliage season
Lokking down over the south end of Woodstock Vermont during the peak of fall foliage season

Vermont is a state in the northeastern part of the United States. It’s the only state in the region with no coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. Vermont is notable for its Green Mountains that run north to south and Lake Champlain which makes up 50 percent of Vermont's western border.

Originally inhabited by Native American tribes, (Abenaki and Iroquois), the territory that is now Vermont was claimed by the French but became a British possession after the country's defeat in the war with the French. This state is famous for its scenery and is a major producer of dairy products and is the leading producer of maple syrup in the United States. The state capital is Montpelier and the largest city and metropolitan area is Burlington.

Beautiful sunset over Barlington Harbour, Vermont. (photo via AlbertPego / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
Beautiful sunset over Burlington Harbor, Vermont. (photo via AlbertPego / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

In the winter months, the ski resorts host guests from around the world. In the summer months there are an abundance of summer camps and hiking tours along the Long Trail. There are also several annual horse shows and festivals that take place in Vermont including: The Apple Festival, The maple Syrup Festival, The Vermont Mozart Festival and the Mountain Film Festival

Interested in doing a little shopping? Take a stroll through the outdoor pedestrian mall of Church Street in Burlington or shop at one of the locally owned stores throughout Montpelier, Brattleboro and Rutland. You’re sure to find anything from top name designer fashions, to sporting goods, to one of a kind handiwork of the local artisan. Vermont offers an array of different boutiques, outlets, galleries and general stores. You’re sure to find just what your looking for and maybe a little more.

Who could talk about Vermont and forget to mention Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, it all started in Vermont! Spring, summer, winter or fall, Vermont has it all.