The Best Cruise Line for Each Zodiac Sign

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Scott Laird
by Scott Laird
Last updated: 7:00 PM ET, Sat March 4, 2023

Which Cruise Line For Which Sign?

Cruise lines are great characters - each with their own personality and presence in a traveler's story. Some are playful, some sophisticated, and some a bit naughty. Cruise lines spend time cultivating these personalities as part of their brand, to attract the travelers in their target profile. Some cruise lines might seek out adventurers, while others bring in luxury lovers to pamper and please.

Whatever your cruise style, here's a list of cruise lines whose personalities match the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Aries - Royal Caribbean

Take-charge Aries knows what they want and goes right for it, so they're a good fit for the active, stimulating cruise experience onboard Royal Caribbean ships. Whether thrilled by the in-cabin slide in the split-level Ultimate Family Suites or trying their hand at the FlowRider Surf Simulator, Active Aries will feel most at home on these ships.

Taurus - Cunard Line

Luxury-loving Taurus will enjoy Cunard's Grill accommodations, with luxury touches and a dedicated table in one of two sumptuous single-seating "Grill" dining rooms, along with a "Grill" dedicated lounge and sun deck. Taurus craves stability and continuity, so they're also drawn to the line's nearly two centuries worth of history crossing the Atlantic and other oceans of the world.

Gemini - Carnival

Gemini loves fun, and fun has been Carnival's watchword for over 50 years. Social Gemini won't find any shortage of things to do onboard Carnival ships - whether it's taking in stage shows, mingling in the casino, or reveling in parties on the open decks. Gemini is also a fan of variety, and there's no shortage of that in the onboard dining experiences curated by a number of chefs, ranging from Emeril Lagasse to Guy Fieri.

Cancer - Holland America Line

Cancer is all about comfort and relaxation, which is an apt description for the blue-hulled, traditionally-inspired ships of Holland America Line. This premium cruise line prides itself on showcasing Dutch ocean-going traditions over 150 years old, but with the modern, sophisticated amenities expected by the modern cruise passenger.

Leo - Celebrity Cruises

Attention-seeking Leo will love Celebrity Cruises - where everybody onboard seems to enjoy a celebrity lifestyle. The ships are jam-packed with original art and distinctive architecture, and (on Edge-class ships) Eden, a three-story multipurpose art, performance, and dining space with intriguing experiences on offer throughout the day. When not enjoying time there, the resort deck, rooftop garden, or in one of the expansive balcony staterooms or gigantic suites, Leo will be sated by any number of guest-centric amenities.

Virgo - Viking Cruises

Curious, cerebral Virgo will fit right in on Viking Cruises. Known for their river cruises but now also offering ocean voyages, Viking Cruises is the thinking traveler's cruise, focusing on in-depth cultural exploration and cultural exchange between onboard guests and the people they meet during their travels.

Libra - Princess Cruises

Balance and order are Libra's watchwords, and their kindred spirit is Princess Cruises. While some cruise lines might focus on the latest, greatest amenities onboard gigantic mega-ships, Princess has struck a balance between cutting-edge amenities and cruising tradition. Onboard Princess, you never really forget you're onboard a ship at sea, perfect for aesthetes like Libra to revel in the novelty of an ocean voyage with some traditions still alive since the days of the original Love Boat TV series.

Scorpio - Virgin Voyages

Sexy Scorpio will love the adults-only, slightly naughty Virgin Voyages. Staterooms with peek-a-boo showers, no shortage of lounges and bars, even an onboard tattoo artist - all conspire to make for a memorably seductive voyage that is equal parts Party and Pamper - with things that are extra on other cruise lines - soft drinks, gratuities, WiFi - part of Virgin's "Always Included Luxury" cruise fare.

Sagittarius - Lindblad Expeditions

Egalitarian Sagittarius lives to explore, and that's what Lindblad Expeditions is built for. With purpose-built expedition ships operated in partnership with the National Geographic Society, these adventure cruises explore the ends of the earth, from the Arctic and Antarctic to the Galapagos, and everywhere in between. With a team of experienced expedition leaders and seasoned naturalists, passengers onboard these ships are ready to see the planet for every wonder it's got in store.

Capricorn - MSC Cruises

Practical Capricorn likes options, and MSC Cruises has them. Thrifty cruisers can take advantage of the latest promotions which are typically cruise-only, while those who want more inclusive packages can select fares that include drinks, WiFi, or perhaps an onboard credit. Capricorns seeking luxury pampering can book MSC Yacht Club categories, which come with luxury touches, both in suites and at exclusive public spaces onboard the company's ships.

Aquarius - Hurtigruten

Greenland. Iceland. The Galapagos. Central America. Fair-minded, humanitarian Aquarius takes a keen interest in the health of the planet and its citizens, and Hurtigruten's ecologically-friendly expedition cruises to the world's top adventure destinations are right in Aqauarius's wheelhouse. And all the cruises are onboard clean, green expedition ships named for figures from the golden age of polar exploration.

Pisces - Ponant

Pisces, the aesthete, will surely appreciate the luxury art touches that go into Ponant's fleet of smaller ships. Focusing on cruising in the French style, cruisers with Ponant will find a voyage wrought in high design, gastronomic cuisine, and thought-provoking art with top-to-bottom Gallic touches that signify the continental style of the French-flagged fleet encompassing yachts, expedition yachts, a polar ice breaker, and even a sailing yacht.

Every cruise line has a personality - here's one for each zodiac sign.

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