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Kalimera: we say it, you live it. It’s at the core of every Celestyal Cruises experience. Kalimera doesn’t just mean “good morning,” it means “good” in every sense of the word – quality, satisfaction and happiness. That’s the motto the Celestyal team lives by.

The cruise line takes great pride in its Hellenic heritage and being the only cruise line to give its passengers an authentic Greek cruise experience. This means engaging all five senses: from visiting legendary archeological sites, to listening music by authentic Greek musicians, to tasting homemade Greek cuisine, wines and spirits. Every passenger experiences a tailor-made journey by embracing the country’s past and living the Kalimera way.

Celestyal cruises are all about sailing with family. The team makes the Hellenic Mediterranean their home and revels in sharing the magic of their homeland, from the pine-scented breezes to the sweet blue hues of her seas.

Louis Cruises began the quest of sharing Greece with the world, operating short cruises throughout the eastern Mediterranean from Limassol, Cypress in the early 1970s. Today, Celestyal, a brand of Louis Cruises, carries on the tradition as the only home-porting cruise operator in Greece and the preeminent cruise line for the Greek Islands and Turkey.

Whether in the mood to see more well-known tourist destinations or the off-the-beaten-path gems, Celestyal has a program for every kind of traveler filled with the sights and sounds of Greece’s 3,000 islands. From the cuisine made with fresh, seasonal, local ingredients to the wine cellars that celebrate the country’s 4,000-year history of winemaking, there is something onboard for every taste.

Nights are filled with music and dancing, as guests can’t resist the call of the bouzouki and are swept on to the dance floor performing the “sirtaki” from Zorba the Greek – fresh off a dance class from early in the day. It’s all about celebrating like a native.

From educational onboard lectures to experience-filled shore excursions, travelers are immersed in the myths and magic, poetry and history of the birthplace of Aristotle, Plato and Socrates. And when you’re onboard, you are sailing on vessels that honor the glamour and grandeur of cruising. It’s all about personalized attention and floating luxury while passing through harbors the larger ships can’t access and experiencing the little jewels of the Aegean that await. It’s all here for you on each and every Celestyal journey.

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