Outrigger Hotels & Resorts


Outrigger Hotels & Resorts is a hotel chain which brings superb service to its guests in a variety of exotic destinations including Bali, Thailand, Hawaii, Mauritius, Guam, Vietnam and Fiji. Its cluster of hotels, condominiums and resorts are arguably the best in the industry, providing a slew of accommodations from gourmet dining and luxurious suites to picturesque oceanic views.

Under the Outrigger Enterprises Group’s 60+ years of experience, this Hawaii-based hotel management company strives to bring the Hawaiian culture to the forefront of its properties, which enables Outrigger Hotels & Resorts to shower its customers with the authentic “Aloha” hospitality. With a reputable brand and many deluxe properties dotted along a golden coastline, Outrigger Hotels & Resorts are known to offer complete bliss under its elegant roofs.

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