Globus is a tour operator that specializes in creating premier vacation experiences for travelers. Sit back and relax or play in the world’s most exciting destinations which include Asia, Africa, South and Central America, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Cuba, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. With every detail meticulously handled, from hotel reservations, transportation and exciting itineraries to travel protection, even the highest demand is an accomplishment Globus aims to achieve. And that is not all this tour operator has up its sleeve; their highly professionalized staff sets out to exceed expectations by providing religious-infused tours and cruising adventures to build memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you are looking for an independent excursion or guided tour, there is a vacation package that appeals to every interest. That consists of soaking in the beauty of the Grand Canyon from the rim, exploring the ancient ruins of Rome, honeymooning in Maui as well as venturing on a South African safari. Globus’ great deals also ensure travelers experience these once-in-a-lifetime thrills during idyllic weather seasons and far away from the crowds to make sure you get the most out of the destination’s beautiful spaces.

Since 1928, a love for all things travel has led the company from their humble beginnings in Switzerland to conquer the world one destination at a time. Not only have they set up shop in the heart of vibrant locations, Globus make these remarkable locations accessible with special deals including lower room rates, discounts for children and on attractions. In addition, they also keep the agent in mind by featuring a travel agent locator on their website to help travelers find one of the best experts in the industry. With a wide spectrum of diverse vacations perfectly tailored for the family, the cruiser, the couple and the spiritual, Globus’ journeys are designed to unfold like the pages of a fascinating story whether on land or amid the sea.

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