25 Top LGBTQ Travel Destinations for 2020

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Discover the Top LGBTQ Destinations for 2020

Queer travelers have their favorite vacation places-and many enjoy going back to these hangouts time after time. Other LGBTQ explorers also enjoy discovering new, exciting destinations. Here are 25 places that you should consider spending some time in during 2020.

Los Angeles

Whether you're partying at The Abbey in West Hollywood, sunning yourself at Will Rogers Beach or hiking to Griffith Observatory and taking in the cityscape, the city of angels always has something to offer. LA Pride runs from June 12-14, 2020.


This beautiful Dutch-influenced island is part of the ABCs (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao) located off the northern coast of Venezuela-and is the namesake of the popular blue liqueur. Bonus: it's off the main hurricane tracks! In recent years, the island has been promoting itself as the most LGBTQ-friendly island in the Caribbean. Curaçao Pride will be held September 22-27, 2020.


This European jewel is incredibly gay-friendly and boasts amazing architecture, history galore and incredible music. And evenings here come alive with offer plenty of options, including dance clubs, gay saunas and more. Vienna Gay Pride is scheduled for June 1-14, 2020.


This often-overlooked East Coast gem will delight visitors with dynamic museums, great restaurants and an intriguing blend of urbanity and nautical history. What's more, prices here are a steal compared to D.C., Philadelphia or New York City. Baltimore Pride 2020 will be held from June 19-21 at Druid Hill Park.

Melbourne, Australia

Dynamic Melbourne is often overshadowed by rival Sydney, but this glorious southern city is incredibly international in scope and is considered the cultural capital of Australia. Wander the shops of St. Kilda, South Yarra or Fitzroy, or shift your shopping game into high gear at Bourke Street Mall or along Collins Street. Come for Melbourne Pride, which will be held on February 2.

Las Vegas

Sin City has morphed from one type of getaway to another over the years, but it's long been a great playground for queer travelers. Many resorts, such as The Cosmopolitan and Luxor, actively market to gay clientele, and there is so much to do, gambling notwithstanding. Take in a sexy show like Zumanity or Atomic Saloon, see Mariah or Celine in concert, or just walk The Strip and choose from countless incredible restaurants. Las Vegas PRIDE is planned for October.


This Southeast Asian hub has been a draw for LGBTQ travelers for years and continues to impress. Take a very tolerant society, add in some fascinating culture, brilliant architecture (both old and new), warm climate and a great exchange rate, and you've got a winner for queer vacationers.


Kenya, like most African countries, does not have a good track record on LGBTQ rights, which will certainly dissuade some travelers. But the country's incredible natural sights-the rift valley, mountains and coast-not to mention safari opportunities-are increasing draws for this market. Some queer travel companies, such as Out Adventures, plan Kenya trips, and travelers report positive experiences in the country-hopefully a sign that the nation is slowly evolving toward better human rights.


This city, likened to the "Austin of Oklahoma," is a surprisingly welcoming beacon of welcoming attitude in a very red state. With beautiful architecture, a thriving arts scene and a dynamic LGBTQ community, the city is a delight. Make sure to visit the Gathering Place, an unbelievable $465 million city park that was completed in late 2018. Tulsa Pride will be held on June 5, 2020.


Visit this Manitoba city for its impressive Canadian Museum for Human Rights, an architecturally stunning building that is the first museum solely dedicated to the evolution, celebration and future of human rights. Winnipeg is a true four-season city, with a multitude of attractions, restaurants and entertainment for all. Pride Winnipeg will happen from May 22-31, 2020.


This bit of Mexican seaside paradise has been attracting queer visitors for years, and many LGBTQ couples return year after year to their favorite all-inclusive resorts. With inexpensive airfares from much of the U.S. and Canada, the warm waters and sunny beaches are a great mid-winter option for a getaway. And same-sex marriage is legal here, making for a fun destination wedding choice.


Check out this Bavarian city for hearty food, great beer, and a large queer contingent. Spend a day strolling and people-watching in the city's expansive Englisher Garten (which even has a river surfing area!) In addition to Munich's multitude of gay-owned bars, businesses and restaurants, the city is a great jumping-off point to the gorgeous Bavarian Alps to the south. Munich Pride will be July 4-12, 2020.


Georgia's capital city is an LGBTQ center of the southeastern United States, and Atlanta was recently named as the host city for the IGLTA Convention in 2021. One of the more progressive cities in the country on gay rights, there are a multitude of bars and nightclubs to keep queer visitors hopping. Plus, sampling Atlanta's many world-class museums should be part of the equation for every trip here. The city's 50th Pride celebration will take place in October 2020.


One of South America's most progressive countries, compact Uruguay has become a favorite for LGBTQ travelers looking for something just a bit different. While hopping over to the small nation is a popular day trip from Buenos Aires, this destination deserves a longer visit from queer travelers. Wander the cosmopolitan streets of Montevideo or enjoy the sun-soaked beaches of Punta del Este to get a better vibe for Uruguay.


This delightful city on Massachusetts' Cape Cod is a popular LGBTQ spot, and this year, the city celebrates 400 years since the first Pilgrims landed in the harbor. Family Week, scheduled from July 25 to August 1, 2020, is said to be the world's largest annual gathering for queer families. And don't miss Provincetown Pride 2020, which will be held from June 5-7.

Osaka, Japan

Japan's second-largest metropolitan area is centered on Osaka, with more than 20 million people living here on the country's west coast. The city is growing in popularity with LGBTQ travelers, and many come to the Doyamacho area. Here, you'll find a host of saunas, gay nightclubs, lesbian bars, drag shows and more. Kansai Rainbow Pride generally occurs in October.


This fast-growing U.S. city has become a center for blended cultures and cuisine, and it boasts a strong LGBTQ community. The downtown area is beginning to flourish with residents, and the popular Monstrose gayborhood remains a great draw from all over Texas. Houston Pride usually happens around the fourth Saturday in June.

Costa Rica

In May, the country of Costa Rica will officially legalize same-sex marriage, giving queer travelers one more reason to visit this Central American gem. From beaches on two different oceans to rainforests and volcanoes, visitors here have plenty to choose from. Check out Manuel Antonio and its bevy of gay resorts and activities.


Many people are surprised to learn that one of the country's largest Pride celebrations takes place in unassuming Columbus, Ohio's state capital. Columbus Pride 2020 takes place from June 19-21 and organizers are hoping to match 2019's record crowd of 500,000 people. And make sure to walk around the Short North and German Village neighborhoods to get a better flavor for this Midwestern town.

New Zealand

This magical land of Hobbits and sheep has consistently been rated a top LGBTQ destination for years, thanks to its track record of being a welcoming society. This island nation features stunning geography, interesting cities and plenty of outdoor adventure, including walking, hiking, sailing, cycling and skiing. Auckland Pride will be held from February 1-16, 2020.


The home of World Pride in 2017, Madrid is a diverse and welcoming city with multiple "gayborhoods." The city is known for its party scene, as well as its excellent restaurant and pleasant climate, with 300+ sunny days per year. Madrid Pride is scheduled for July 4, 2020.


While Capitol Hill has long been known as Seattle's center of gay life, this extremely accepting city seems to sometimes be gay all over, with queer couples proudly holding hands in downtown, at clubs and bars, and in neighborhoods. And while many think of Seattle as being ground zero for Starbucks, the city has a plethora of adorable local coffee shops to sample. PrideFest Seattle Center is planned for June 28, 2020.


Fresh off its hosting of the Gay Games in 2018, the city of light continues to attract queer travelers looking for romance, food, wine, architecture, and of course, culture. Stay in the Marais, the centrally located gayborhood, and experience the city at your leisure. Paris Gay Pride will be held on June 27, 2020.

Bogota, Columbia

Queer travelers will love wandering the Bogota's La Candelaria, the famed old town area. This capital city, located high in the Andes at more than 8,500 feet, is a delightful escape full of churches, museums, and more. Columbia is one of the more progressive countries in Latin America, and Bogota's impressive Theatrón nightclub is said to be the largest gay bar in the entire region.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is home to the largest LGBTQ population in western Canada, and this sleek, glassy city surrounded by mountains is a tourist's dream. While the entire city is incredibly welcoming, queer visitors will enjoy staying in or around the West End and Davie Village. Rainbow crosswalks and pride flags abound here, as does a friendly, optimistic vibe. Vancouver Gay Pride 2020 will be held from July 19 to August 2.

Where queer travelers should look to vacation this year.

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