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Riviera River Cruises aims to create a travel experience that includes pleasure, education and entertainment. They have attention to even the tiniest details and are constantly altering what they do to ensure their guests have the trip of a lifetime.

Guests will be able to see Riviera’s attention to details themselves when traveling aboard a Riviera cruise. From hotels to guides, each aspect of the cruise has been handpicked by the company and tailored to meet the travelers’ needs.

An unforgettable journey is what guests will get when traveling with Riviera River Cruises. They will not have to worry about hidden costs or optional add-ons, as all the must-see experiences are already included in the price. Repeat guests explain that they feel like they are back home with their family after stepping onboard the ship, and this is exactly what Riviera River Cruises tries to achieve.

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Riviera River Cruises, 1515 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06825