AMR Collection

AMR Collection


With properties located in the beautiful destinations of Curaçao, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, AMR Collection has made its stamp as a luxurious hotel management company since 2001. Stretched alongside sun-kissed beaches, its resorts are designed to cater to any specific needs their guests may have by using strategic marketing and innovative tactics to increase customer satisfaction. Through the Endless Privileges®, Unlimited-Luxury® and Unlimited-Fun®, AMR Collection amenities are well-packaged, creating a host of luxuries for its visitors to enjoy. Each brand offers something unique and are filled with connoisseurs who are prepared to enrich the vacation experience.

Breathless Resorts & Spas - Ultimate recreational playground for singles and couples.

Dreams Resorts & Spas- are tailored for families and their children and offer a host of relaxing accommodations.

Secrets Resorts & Spas- are exclusively for adults and provides a relaxing atmosphere where their guests are encouraged to unwind in the comfort of their pleasant surroundings

Zoëtry Resorts & Spas- symbolize everything luxurious and promotes the healthy lifestyle with a plethora of stimulating amenities.

Now Resorts & Spas- targeted to couples and families wanting to enjoy an adventure-filled vacation

Sunscape Resorts & Spas- the perfect family vacation, where an active lifestyle is encouraged

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