25 Ways To Level Up Your Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. (Photo via Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)
Gabe Zaldivar
by Gabe Zaldivar
Last updated: 7:00 AM ET, Fri July 19, 2019

Sin City Send-Off

Las Vegas, allowing good people to make bad decisions for the better part of a century.

It also remains the perfect place to throw your best friend the best party of his life. Before he says, "I do," make him say "Hell yeah" to the area's most promising entertainment options.

Sin City is far more than a place to lose a healthy portion of your retirement fund. It's also the place where you will cross off one bucket list item after another. Let's begin.

Top Golf

Top Golf is essentially a driving range with video game scoring, bowling alley camaraderie, nightclub atmosphere and buffet food options. Oh, and pools. There is perhaps no more perfect way to kick start the night on the strip. And when your slice reappears you can blame all the beer. It's also a great way to work on your game for your next golf trip.

Pool Party

Some people are into the pulse and pace of an afternoon pool party. The Cosmopolitan has one of the best in town in the Marquee Day Club. Like any pool party, you can expect to drink far too much, forget to put on sunblock and wade in a pool with far too many people in it while music blasts into your earholes. It's a good time, especially if you manage to somehow remember sunblock this time around.

Club Life

Getting a bottle or two will score you prime real estate at one of the many top-flight clubs around town. That way you can do the one thing you haven't done since showing up in town, finally getting a chance to sit and enjoy your drink and its complement of never-ending mixers. And you don't have to worry about having an awkward conversation with the people you meet because the music will drown out any of those sudden moments of silence.

Kill Zombies

The bad part about the zombie apocalypse is the gripping fear and possibility of walking the earth for eternity while you feast on the living. Apocalypse Vegas takes the bad part out and serves only the good, annihilating all of those horrible undead in a city setting. In a pinch, visiting Georgia will also do.

Tickets to the Gun Show

If the adrenaline of firing off live rounds is more your speed, Las Vegas boasts a myriad of options to slake that gun thirst you have. And if you want to expend as many rounds as possible in the shortest amount of time possible, you might consider stopping by Machine Gun Vegas, which lets you take a machine gun out for a spin.

Drive Your Dream Car

Speaking of speed, we really admire whatever it is you drove into the city limits with. And we're so very impressed with the time you made getting to Vegas. But let's be honest, you haven't lived until you slide into one of various pristine beauties they have at Speed Vegas. It will make you feel more alive than the time you decided to actually give the buffet downstairs a try.

Drive Something Smaller

Maybe a Lamborghini Huracan is too much car for you. Maybe you like your vehicles to be far more, um, open-air. There's a venue for that near Vegas. You and your best buddies can take some four-wheel adrenaline carts out for a spin at the Las Vegas ATV Tours. If you are a fan of adventure, we have you covered on other ways to get the blood pumping.

Vegas Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights are now two-for-two on making the playoffs through their two-year existence. NHL games remain one of the more exciting things you can watch live and now you can do just that in the heart of Las Vegas. And remember, there's a correct way to watch a hockey game in this town.

Perfect Party Suite

You can go a number of ways with the hotel suite you choose for the bachelor boy. But there is hardly a more astounding place to crash than at the Palms Casino Resort, where there is absolutely no reason to ever sleep. The hotel boasts a couple of sweet digs, namely the Hardwood Suite that includes an actual basketball court and the Kingpin suite, where you can pull a Munson and drop some pins at your very own bowling alley.

Fly a Plane

If you regularly quote "Top Gun" and demand your friends call you Maverick, then you might want to check out Sky Combat Ace, which brings aerial fun to Vegas. Not only can you fly the planes but you can practice the fine art of dogfighting. Just don't buzz the tower.

Beer Crawl

There is something magical about starting somewhere sober and then magically transporting to another place through time travel and beer not knowing quite how you got there. There is perhaps no better place to enjoy a beer crawl than Vegas for the simple fact that there are so many great places to drink fine beer here. The best part about this beer crawl is every bad life choice in Vegas looks more reasonable the further you go.

Reserve a Poker Table

If you don't mind taking each other's money and thoroughly enjoy the banter between familiar faces, casinos are happy to reserve a poker table for you and your party free of charge. While other gamblers will get dealt in as your friends leave the table, it's a great way to kick start the night. Now you just need to whittle down your choice of tables.

Dine Out

While it's advisable to keep things loose this weekend, you should really consider at least one meal where all of the bachelor's friends can come together and cheers the groom to be. Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian is a great location for just that for a number of reasons, the food and the insane selection of whiskey are just a couple.

Get An IV

There is no cure for the common hangover. Although I'm a big proponent of a plate of bacon, eggs and a Bloody Mary or four. Then again, you can always rehydrate with the times and get an IV. The Cosmopolitan recently started to include the service at the REVIV IV Wellness Spa. Afterward, you can start working on hangover No. 2 of the weekend.

Throw An Axe

Harness your inner Gimli at Axe Monkeys, where you can enjoy the fun of throwing axes, spears or knives. If that's not your thing, they also have a Rage Room, which is as it sounds. This is where you take a baseball bat on a poor, innocent room of breakable objects. Of course, you could always relieve stress in other ways.

Cigar Lounge

Vegas is not the place to be sensible, which means you are expected to suck down as many cigars as you have wanted to all year. There are plenty of places to buy fine cigars and enjoy them in a leisurely fashion. The Montecristo Cigar Bar at Caesars Palace is one that includes a full bar, a seating area and drinks if the mood should strike.

Whiskey Tasting

Maybe slow things down a bit, sip on life rather than chug it down. There are myriad places to try out the water of life. The Whisky Attic is one that will also allow you to buy out the tasting room for a private tasting. Oak & Ivy is the quintessential whiskey bar that boasts impeccably made cocktails and occasional tastings.

Downtown Debauchery

With its low limits, eclectic vide and old-school mystique, there are plenty of reasons to slide on downtown's way. From poker at the iconic Binion's to the libations at the Golden Nugget's Troy Liquor Bar, there is plenty to do along this iconic stretch of Vegas history. And that's before you get to enjoy the people watching.

Steak Dinner

A boys noise night out isn't complete without a huge slab of meat well seasoned and cooked perfectly to medium rare. There are plenty of choices around town, but the Cosmopolitan's STK has a 34-ounce bone-in ribeye that will have you thinking you're Fred Flintstone. If you need some more suggestions, we have you covered.

Happy Half Hour

Chances are you're short on time for your bachelor party weekend. Your friends want to pack as much fun into the night as possible. One way to kickstart the festivities is a happy half-hour, an open bar on the High Roller Observation Wheel located at the Linq. If you do it right, you'll feel like you're spinning when you leave.

The Other Vegas Gaming

Perhaps your form of gaming comes with a controller instead of a blackjack hand. HyperX Esports Arena houses all forms of games for all manner of gamers. You can come in to play at your leisure or sign up for one of their tournaments. You now have an excuse to up your hours of Mario Kart playing.

Catch A Show

It sounds cliché, but there really is no reason to miss out on the shows they have playing in Las Vegas. If you haven't been lately, Sin City has incorporated world-class eating, drinking and entertainment into its embrace. Some of the more lauded at the moment are Absinthe, Cirque du Soleil's LOVE and any of the ongoing residencies from top performers.

The Ultimate Helicopter Ride

Have you ever wanted to sit in a helicopter, look out to the ground below and just fire way like you were in an actual video game? Well, you probably do now. And, because it's Vegas, there is a solution in the form of the aptly-named Gunship Helicopters.

Stay Hydrated

We have a number of tips to heed when walking The Strip, paramount among these is drinking water-lots of it. The casinos are known to suck out all the air along with your money, leaving you all dried out. But the best thing about imbibing copious amounts of water is that it helps alleviate the hangover before it begins. Oh, and speaking of hangovers, move past those yards of sugary alcoholic beverages, they will have you feeling like the rug of the casino floor the next morning.


With all of that said, take it from a former best man. You need to also allocate time for your revelers to sleep off the prior night's festivities.

They will absolutely love the idea of doing nothing but figuring out how to stop the ringing in their heads and how to stop the room from moving. This will be the easiest and most appreciated decision you make all weekend.

From killing zombies to devouring steaks, Vegas has something all the boys will love.

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