Filming Locations for Top 2020 Oscar Nominated Movies

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The Oscars return to whisk us away to a magical place where the carpets are red, the screens are silver and the dresses cost more than some mortgages.

This year has been particularly glorious with so many great films represented. Better yet, so many fantastic locations were on display. So, while the actors were great in all of these movies, let's discuss those dazzling destinations.

Ford v Ferrari - Southern California

Matt Damon and Christian Bale star in this epic tale of one group's desire to get over on Ferrari at 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966.

Production took filmmakers over a wide swath of locations, including New Orleans. However, a large portion of the film takes place in good ol' Southern California, which is chameleon enough to play the part of any location, and without much makeup.

And if the movie struck your travel fancy, this region is calling, and with beer.

The Irishman - Philadelphia

Many of you sat through all 18 hours of "The Irishman," a movie so long that you need to actually take vacation time off from work to watch it.

Philadelphia was one of two cities heavily featured in the film, even when New York stood in for the real thing as in the case of Villa di Roma. The iconic Schuylkill River and Melrose Diner are also places you might recognize.

The Irishman - New York

New York plays a significant role in the movie as well, namely Umberto's Clam House, Weir's Ice Cream and the Van Nest Bowling Alley, where you can have the most awkward family outings like in the movie. If none of those places strike your fancy, we have you covered.

Jojo Rabbit - Czech Republic

There is perhaps no more vibrant movie taking place at such a tumultuous and dark period. Taika Waititi's movie about a boy and his Hitler-imaginary friend was shot throughout the Czech Republic, including Prague and villages such as Ustek and Zatec.

Joker - New York

We knew there was a reason we could never trust clowns. Joaquin Phoenix delivers one of the year's best performances and does so throughout New York City and its boroughs. Obviously, all you care about are those now congested stairs where you can get your groove on. They are in the Bronx.

Joker - New Jersey

Not too far away are some other locations where Arthur Fleck began his downward spiral. The coolest among them might be where he gets his sign stolen. As you can see over at Global Film Locations, the theater façade in Newark looks very similar to that of the movies. Of course, there are other reasons to visit New Jersey.

Little Women - Massachusetts

If you want to see the Massachusetts countryside there is no better time than now to book a trip and take the family. Or you could always watch "Little Women," because myriad locations across the state were used in this retelling of the classic. With the movie and this guide, you can get all the crucial parts out of the way in just a day.

Marriage Story - New York

If being depressed is your idea of a rollicking good time, check out "Marriage Story." In all seriousness, this movie was an unrelenting display of emotion and top-notch acting. It also made me want to see more of New York City, especially the ever-cool Knickerbocker Bar. This place is resplendent with fine locations to visit.

Marriage Story - Los Angeles

Things in this movie get really rocky when the characters go out west. West Hollywood, Century City and L.A.'s Superior Court all play a role in this tale of a relationship's demise. Trust us, you will want a pick-me-up after this flick.

1917 - United Kingdom

Audiences are immersed in Sam Mendes' captivating war epic, thanks to a one-shot technique that keeps us ever tied to the main characters. Salisbury Plain, Bovingdon Airfield and parts of Oxfordshire were just some of the locations the director chose to use for this World War I retelling. As for the United Kingdom, it's having itself a great year.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Los Angeles

Quentin Tarantino's latest epic is a virtual map of the Los Angeles area. From a nature reserve in Malibu to café in Burbank, this movie has it all. Familiar haunts like Musso & Frank and the Cicada restaurant are also featured. With that said, these places are only the tip of what L.A. has to offer.

Parasite - South Korea

Bong Joon-ho's masterpiece utilized a house that is as much a part of the film as the characters. But the coverage shots from outside the home are all South Korea, specifically in Goyang and Seoul. The latter is a city that can be savored for the solo traveler.

Pain and Glory - Spain

Antonio Banderas plays a film director at a critical point in his life. "Pain and Glory" is a beautiful picture brought to life with the help of areas in Valencia and Madrid, particularly Paterna. This is where a great deal of the flashback portions of the film take place. A relaxing vacation in a unique setting sounds just like what we need to reminisce as well.

The Two Popes - Buenos Aires

A movie with two popes is bound to have two destinations. When centering on Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio's backstory, filmmakers chose to go on location in Buenos Aires. And you might want to keep this Argentine paradise in the back of your mind as the weather starts to change. It may very well be your perfect summer respite.

The Two Popes - Rome

The rest of the movie is filmed in the greater Rome area, giving audiences an enticing look at an iconic and historic city. Finishing the movie leaves you with one nagging conundrum, when should you finally take a trip to this bucket-list destination. We're here to help.

Harriet - Virginia

Filmmakers were tasked with retelling the moving life and times of Harriet Tubman. To accomplish this immense task they filmed across a wide transom of Virginia, including places like Powhatan, Cumberland, Hanover and Richmond. Director Kasi Lemmons explained recently to CN Traveler that finding locations wasn't easy: "There were places we scouted where I refused to shoot, because I felt there was almost too much pain still in the earth itself."

Judy - London

It was a big year for biopics. Another is "Judy," a movie based on Judy Garland's emotional trip to London back in 1968. Thankfully, filmmakers were able to utilize some places that garner that classic style of the era, such as the Hackney Empire Theater. Hopefully, the film sparks a need to enjoy one of your own London sojourns.

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood - Pittsburgh

If sobbing from nostalgia and childhood warmth is your thing, check out this movie based on the life of Mr. Rogers. Pittsburgh plays a big role in the film. The Golden Triangle even does its own acting as it's used to model New York City. As for anyone who hasn't yet visited the city, now's the time to chow down on a delicious destination.

Knives Out - Massachusetts

The movie that's up for original screenplay takes place mostly in a lavish mansion, much like a modern-day version of "Clue." However, the producers utilized two buildings for the set, one is an undisclosed private residence while the other is Ames Mansion, according to Thankfully, the normally shuttered location is available to the public for tours throughout the year.

The Lighthouse - Nova Scotia

"The Lighthouse's" filmmakers decided to go with a particularly punishing locale for their movie. "The average temperature ranges from 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, winds are heavy, and rain is frequent," according to Bustle, which writes on the Halifax fishing community wherein crew worked.

Star Wars: The Rise of SkyWalker - Jordan

Much like other Star Wars movies, "The Rise of Skywalker" was shot on a sound stage. But a portion of this movie did see a heavy amount of daylight in Jordan. That's where they shot the scene where Rey leaps backward to lightsaber an oncoming TIE Silencer. It's up to you whether you bring your own Jedi weapon on such a trip.

Ad Astra - California

This Brad Pitt space adventure is up for sound mixing. But it's real talent lay in the ability to alter this planet's landscapes to resemble the moon and mars. Thanks to California, filmmakers were able to visit the moon (Death Valley) and the red planet (Dumont Dunes). And they could even drive there if they wanted.

The Lion King - Kenya

This might be cheating a bit, but Jon Favreau's latest big-screen extravaganza was inspired by many actual locations. Some of the movie was filmed in Kenya. But as for the destinations that help inspire artists, USA Today explains they used, "the porous volcanic tufa towers in Mono Lake, California, and the eerie geothermal pools of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming as visual references."

Avengers Endgame - World

Thanos getting his comeuppance took filmmakers all over the world, including places such as Atlanta, the United Kingdom, New York City and Japan. Your own journey doesn't have to stop at the end credits. You can actually stay at Tony Stark's home away from home thanks to Airbnb.

Filming Locations for Top 2020 Oscar Nominated Movies

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